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Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Policies Database, 2009

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Policies Database, 2009 is a comprehensive, up-to-date database of inter-related sources of CCDF policy information that support the needs of a variety of audiences through (1) Analytic Data Files and (2) a Book of Tables. These are made available to researchers, administrators, and policymakers with the goal of addressing important questions concerning the effects of alternative child care subsidy policies and practices on the children and families served, specifically parental employment and self-sufficiency, the availability and quality of care, and children’s development.
It provides information at the state and local level.

Child Care Licensing Study

The 2007 Child Care Licensing Study reports data from all states that license child care facilities (that’s all but Idaho).  Licensing requirements, the number of facilities, complaints and complaint resolution, frequency of inspections, child-staff ratios, and other data are available.

There is also a 2005 Child Care Licensing Study.

Child Care and Early Education Research Connections

ICPSR, the National Center for Children in Poverty, the Child Care Bureau, the Office of Planning Research and Education,  and the Department of Health and Human Services have collaborated to develop the Research Connections website.

According to the site,

Research Connections offers public access to child care and early education research data, some of which have never before been publicly available. Researchers can download analysis-ready data directly to their desktop or analyze selected data online free of charge. Data training workshops and an archive for research projects serve the entire field.

The integrated database links written documents to the actual instruments and data files on which their findings are based, provides links from the data files to the publications based on them, and links resources on similar topics, by the same author, or funded by the same agency.

Our database is up to date and continually growing. By January 2010, we provided access to over 16,000 resources, including 157 datasets.”

Parenthood in Early Twentieth-Century America

Parenthood in Early Twentieth-Century America Project (PETCAP), 1900-1944,  comprises transcriptions of original handwritten and published materials relating to infant and child care dating from the turn of the century into World War II. There are three types of data in the collection: (1) popular magazine articles, (2) letters to educator and author Angelo Patri (1876-1965) and his replies, and (3) letters to the United States Children’s Bureau, along with the Bureau’s replies.

View recent ICPSR studies or subscribe to their mailing list for complete listings of data additions.

Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES)

FACES is “an ongoing national longitudinal study of the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of Head Start children”.  Head Start survey data is available for