Monthly Archives: May, 2016

High School Longitudinal Study

I am not regularly posting about interesting datasets as much as I used to.  But this High School Longitudinal Study [2009-2013] from ICPSR is fascinating, dealing as it does with the following questions:

  • How do parents, teachers, counselors, and students construct choice sets for students, and how are these related to students’ characteristics, attitudes, and behavior?
  • How do students select among secondary school courses, postsecondary institutions, and possible careers?
  • How do parents and students plan financing for postsecondary experiences? What sources inform these plans?
  • What factors influence students’ decisions about taking STEM courses and following through with STEM college majors? Why are some students underrepresented in STEM courses and college majors?
  • How students’ plans vary over the course of high school and how decisions in 9th grade impact students’ high school trajectories. When students are followed up in the spring of 11th grade and later, their planning and decision-making in 9th grade may be linked to subsequent behavior.

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