Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Spring 2016 Data Management Workshops

This semester, the Libraries will offer a workshop covering:

  • Best Practices for Managing Your Data
  • Data Management Plans, Data Sharing and Archiving
  • Reproducible Research

The workshop will repeat in two locations on:

  • Monday, March 7, 12-1:30 pm in the Library of Science and Medicine Conference Room (1st Floor)
  • Tuesday, March 8, 1:10 to 2:40 pm in Alexander Library Teleconference Lecture Hall (4th floor)

The two sessions are identical – no need to come to both.

The first part of the session will focus on Best Practices for Managing Your Data. 

  • We discuss methods to organize, describe, backup, and archive your research data in order to ensure its future usability and accessibility.  Developing good habits for handling your data from the start will save time and frustration later, and increase the ultimate impact of your research.

The second part covers Data Management Plans, Data Sharing and Archiving.

  • This portion is targeted to researchers who need to write data management plans (DMPs) and share their data as part of their grant application, research and publication process.  It reviews DMP guidelines, checklist, and general advice, along with options for sharing and permanently archiving research data.

The third part discusses Reproducible Research.

  • We cover the growing movement to make the products of research accessible and usable by others in order to verify, replicate, and extend research findings.  We review how to plan research, to create publications, code, and data in open, reusable formats, and maximize the impact of shared research findings.

No need to register, just come for what you are interested in.

Additional data management resources, including presentation slides, can be found here: