Spring 2015 Data Management Workshops

The final component of the Spring Data Workshop series are three workshops on aspects of data management, presented by Ryan Womack, Data Librarian, and Aletia Morgan, Research Data Manager at Rutgers University Libraries.

To go directly to the registration page for this series, click here.  A detailed calendar and descriptions of each workshop are below.


Data management workshops for Spring 2015 will be held at the Library of Science and Medicine (Busch campus) in the Conference Room on the first floor.  Workshops are held on Thursdays from 1:40-3:00 pm according to the schedule below. 

Description of Workshops:

§ Best Practices for Managing Your Data  (February 26)

This workshop is targeted to graduate students who are generating data for their own research.  The session discusses methods to organize, describe, backup, and archive your research data in order to ensure its future usability and accessibility.  Developing good habits for handling your data from the start will save time and frustration later, and increase the ultimate impact of your research.

Additional data management resources can be found here: http://libguides.rutgers.edu/datamanagement

§ Data Management Plans, Data Sharing and Archiving (March 5)

This workshop is targeted to researchers who need to write data management plans (DMPs) and share their data as part of their grant application, research and publication process.  It reviews DMP guidelines, checklist, and general advice, along with options for sharing and permanently archiving research data.

§ Reproducible Research (March 12)

The workshop is targeted to any interested faculty and students who are interested in learning about the growing interest in making the products of research accessible and usable by others in order to verify, replicate, and extend research findings.  It reviews how to plan research, to create publications, code, and data in open, reusable formats, and maximize the impact of shared research findings.

Register for the workshops here


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