Monthly Archives: March, 2013

RyanData Relaunching with Statistical and Data Focus

As announced via Tweet, I am migrating my professional Twitter and Blogging activity to the RyanData identity.  The former tagline of rutgersdata will be used by the RUresearch Data Team to announce and discuss issues relating the Rutgers Research Data Services, and I will be contributing there too.

Here, you will find my posts on working with statistical data, the role of data in libraries, data visualization, and other issues that cross the desk of a Data Librarian, along with announcements of statistical software workshops and data services offered by the Rutgers University Libraries in New Brunswick.

I have been doubleplus busy while serving as Faculty Coordinator for the Rutgers University Libraries during this academic year (2012/2013), but I will be fullwise returning to data issues by July, so you can expect to see more posts and tweets here in the near future.

As announced on the former blog, I am refocusing my blog to more topical discussion of data issues from the former emphasis on announcements of new data resources.  The visual style will be minimalist.  The posts, less so.