Statistical Software Workshops – Extra Sessions – Spring 2013

The interest in the series has surpassed all of the Libraries’ expectations and experiences in prior semesters.  The only space available for this workshop on Busch campus has approximately 30 seats, but we have well over 100 registrations for each session.

In order to accommodate the extra demand, I will be offering extra sessions on consecutive Monday mornings, from 10:30 am to noon.
These will be held in Alexander Library on the College Avenue campus, in the 4th floor teleconference lecture hall.  This room has seating for 98, so I anticipate that we will be able to accomodate everyone.

I wanted to emphasize a few points.  Although the announcement was picked up by some of the official Rutgers listservs, these workshops are not official or required and carry no credits or certificates of completion.  They are introductions to help you get started with using the software.  The SAS and SPSS sessions in particular focus on navigating around the software for new users.  If you have used these packages before, you may not benefit much from the workshops.

The workshop materials are also available online at
Take a look at these to decide if you would benefit from attending.

Once again, all extra sessions will be

Mondays, 10:30 am – noon
4th floor Teleconference Lecture Hall
Alexander Library, College Avenue Campus

The dates for each workshop are

Jan. 28 – Introduction to SPSS
Feb. 4 – Introduction to SAS
Feb. 11 – Introduction to R (part 1- Basic Statistics)
Feb. 18 – Introduction to R (part 2 – Graphics)
Feb. 25 – Introduction to R (part 3 – Data Manipulation)
March 4 -Time Series in R

Please come to the Alexander morning sessions if at all possible!


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