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Spring 2012 Statistical Software Workshops

Ryan Womack, Data and Economics Librarian, will be holding a series of hands-on workshops on the statistical software R and SAS.  This Spring, all workshops will be held at the Library of Science and Medicine, in the Special Collections Room, on Thursdays from 1:40 pm – 3 pm, beginning February 2.
R is freely available, open source statistical software that has been widely adopted in the research community.  The  three-part workshop series, “An Introduction to R” covers

  • Statistical Techniques: Descriptive Statistics, Regression, Significance, Finding Additional Packages (Feb 2)
  • Graphics:  comparison of graphing techniques of basic R, lattice, and ggplot2 packages (Feb 9)
  • Data Manipulation:  Data Import and Transformation (Feb 16)

In addition there will be a special topics session on Time Series in R, covering basic methods for handling time series data.  This session assumes basic knowledge of R equivalent to that covered in the introductory workshops.

  • Time Series in R will be held on March 1.

SAS is a powerful and long-standing statistical software system.

The “Introduction to SAS” workshop is for students who are new to SAS. Through hands-on exercises, students will become familiar with the SAS interface and its basic functions of managing data, doing statistical analysis and generating graphs. For the workshop, students will use SAS for Linux through remote access to Rutgers X Application Server (

Introduction to SAS will be held on February 23.

Once again, all workshops will be held on Thursdays from 1:40 pm – 3 pm in the LSM Special Collections Room.  You can bring your own laptop, or use the computers provided by the libraries for any of the sessions.

Workshop materials can be found on the “Software” tab of