ICPSR Summer Program 2011

The Inter‑university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is pleased to announce the 2011 Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research.

As many subscribers to this list already know, the main component of the ICPSR Summer Program is held on the campus of the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. Lectures and workshops on a wide variety of topics in research design, quantitative reasoning, statistical methods, and data processing are presented in two four‑week sessions. The first session runs from June 20, 2011 until July 15, 2011. The second session runs from July 18, 2011 until August 12, 2011. The contents of the two sessions are largely independent of each other, although some second‑session workshops do assume that participants are familiar with material from first‑session courses.

The 2011 ICPSR Summer Program will also offer a number of three‑ to five‑day workshops on both statistical and substantive topics throughout the summer. Most of these shorter workshops take place in Ann Arbor, but there are several that will be held in other locations: Amherst, MA; Bloomington, IN; Chapel Hill, NC; and (for the first time) Berkeley, CA.

We would like to draw your attention to several noteworthy features in the 2011 ICPSR Summer Program.

$ Three new four-week workshops: “Network Analysis” during the first session; “Applied Multilevel Models”, and “Causal Inference for the Social Sciences” during the second session.

$ A number of new three- to five-day statistical workshops, including: “Estimating Geometric Models of Choice and Judgment”, “Missing Data: An Introduction to the Analysis of Incomplete Data SetsA (in Bloomington, IN), “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis: An Introduction”, “Monte Carlo Simulation and Resampling Methods” (in Chapel Hill, NC), “Item Response Theory”, and “Spatial Econometrics: Statistical Models of Interdependence Among Observations”.

$ Expanded offerings in the field of network analysis. In addition to the new four-week workshop mentioned earlier, we will have the following short workshops: “Network Analysis: An Introduction”, “Advanced Network Analysis” (offered for the first time), “Social Network Analysis: An Introduction”, and “Network Analysis: A Second Course”.

$ A new three-day workshop on “Mixed Methods: Approaches for Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies” (in Chapel Hill, NC).

$ Two five-day workshops on the analysis of panel data: A new course on “Panel Data Analysis Using SAS and SPSS” and another on “Panel Data Analysis Using Stata.”

$ Continued emphasis on multilevel modeling. In addition to the new four-week workshop mentioned above, we offer the following short workshops: “Hierarchical Linear Models I: Introduction”, “Applied Multilevel Models Using SAS and SPSS”, “Analyzing Multilevel and Mixed Models Using Stata”, and “Hierarchical Linear Models II: Special Topics”.

In developing the course list for the 2011 ICPSR Summer Program, we are responding to the expressed interests of the social scientific research community, and providing coverage of statistical procedures that are receiving increasing attention within methodological circles. We hope you find something that will be useful for your own work in the 2011 Program. And, we are always interested in feedback: Please let us know if you have any thoughts about our current course offerings or new topics that you would like to see us include in the curriculum.

The current course list for the 2011 ICPSR Summer Program is provided below. This list gives the complete set of statistical courses that the Program will offer in 2011. Note that the roster of short substantive workshops is still being put together; additional information will be provided on the Summer Program web site as it becomes available.

Registration is now open for all of our statistical courses and for several of the substantive workshops. The application form, registration instructions, fee structure, and further information about the ICPSR Summer Program are all available on our web site:



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