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Women in Parliament, 1945-2003: Cross-National Dataset

The Women in Parliament data provides information on women’s inclusion in parliamentary bodies in over 150 countries from 1945 to 2003. The dataset allows for extensive, large-scale, cross-national investigation of the factors that explain women’s attainment of political power over time and provides educators with comprehensive international and historical information on women in a variety of political positions. Information is provided on female suffrage, the first female member of parliament, yearly percentages of women in parliaments, when women reached important representational milestones, such as 10 percent, 20 percent, and 30 percent of a legislature, and when women achieved highly-visible political positions, such as prime minister, president, or head of parliament.

State of the Union Addresses 1913-2008

All State of the Union Addresses from 1913 to 2008 of the Presidents of the United States of America (the elected ones, not the band) are available from ICPSR.  Woodrow Wilson’s address in 1913 was the first departure from the prior tradition of written messages since George Washington’s time.  Each address is available as a separate file.

Executions in the United States

Data on Executions in the United States from 1608 to 1940 are available in ICPSR.  The summary variables consist of the ethnicity of the executed, the state, territory, district or colony of execution, the decade of execution, and the geographical region of execution.  Data collected by M. Watt Espy.

Rutgers study on Family and Prisoners in NJ

Rutgers School of Criminal Justice professor Johanna Christian’s data on Exploring Factors Influencing Family Members Connections to Incarcerated Individuals in New Jersey, 2005-2006 is now available at ICPSR.  This study reports the results of interviews with male prisoners and their family members on their relationships.  Note that researchers who wish to use this data must complete a Restricted Data Use Agreement before being granted access.

ICPSR Summer Program

The ICPSR Summer Program offers two four week sessions of classes on social science data topics in June and July, along with many shorter class and lecture series.

In the past, the Rutgers University Libraries have administered a small stipend fund that provided small amounts of support for summer program registrants.  This stipend was paid for by a portion of the ICPSR membership fee.   ICPSR has changed the allocation method for this stipend.  Now, the stipend amount will be automatically and  equally divided among all Rutgers registrants for the program.  There is no need to do anything extra to receive this funding.

I encourage anyone interested to  register online.