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Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth (2007)

Note: Now updated with 2010 data for 8th & 10th graders, and 12th graders.

This is the 2007 update of the survey.

“This survey of students is part of a series that explores changes in important values, behaviors, and lifestyle orientations of contemporary American youth. Students are randomly assigned to complete one of six questionnaires, each with a different subset of topical questions, but all containing a set of “core” questions on demographics and drug use. There are about 1,400 variables across the questionnaires.”  There are three segments available by age group:

Monitoring the Future: 12th graders

Monitoring the Future: 8th and 10th graders

Data Snapshots inaugurated- World Development Indicators

While it will be a couple of months before Obama is inaugurated, it’s not too soon for change.  I’m starting a series of introductory videos on some of data resources at Rutgers.  Some of these will be on important subscription databases, others on tricky or hard-to-find data.  I’ll be calling these Data Snapshots. You can find other Data Snapshots here.

Click the link to see a high resolution

Quick video tour of World Development Indicators

Or click below to see the YouTube version.

World Development Indicators is the World Bank’s official database of major development indicators.  To go directly to the database, click here.