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National Crime Victimization Survey

Ongoing since 1973, the National Crime Victimization Survey interviews a representative sample of United States residents.  Detailed information on the crime along with basic demographic information is collected.  Allows analysis of unreported crimes, consequences of crime, and more.

India Human Development Survey (IHDS)

The India Human Development Survey is a national survey conducted in 2005.

“Two one-hour interviews in each household covered topics concerning health, education, employment, economic status, marriage, fertility, gender relations, and social capital. Children aged 8-11 completed short reading, writing and arithmetic tests. Additional village, school, and medical facility interviews will be available at a later date.”

Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES)

FACES is “an ongoing national longitudinal study of the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of Head Start children”.  Head Start survey data is available for




Party Strength in the United States: 1872-1996

Party Strength in the United States: 1872-1996 provides measures of political party strength at the state level.
“The file consists of statewide percentages of the actual vote won by Democratic, Republican, and other candidates/parties for the offices of president, governor, United States House of Representatives, and, beginning in 1914, the two Senate seats allocated to each state.”

Many Eyes Data Visualization

The Many Eyes website has been profiled in the NYTimes here.  An interesting place to play around with different approaches to data, and to share data sets for exploration and comment by others.

RUL Economics Newsletter, Fall 2008

The Fall newsletter is here.

Read all about new library resources (Elsevier handbooks, International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences) and services (Datastream, LibX).